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And it all starts here...

Have you been searching for a mentor who actually trades for a living? Someone with a proven track record who has traded for one of the largest firms in the country?

Have you bought multiple courses, books, trading strategies and continue to fail...or simply don't know where to start?

Like most people looking to trade, you have probably been pitched tons of products from people who have never traded successfully in their lives. 

How do you learn to successfully day trade?


(...Who Actually Trades For A Living)

Jumpstart Trading Lab (JT Lab) is everything you need to become a successful trader. Whether you’re brand new to trading or been trading for years, our Execution Plans (courses) will put you on the fast track for trading success.

JT Lab is designed to take you through the three main steps of becoming a successful trader… Basic Concepts & Tactics, Trading Strategies, and the Psychology of Successful Traders.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up everyday loving your job... or simply knowing you have the ability to create the financial freedom you want.

All while working on your own schedule from anywhere in the world. You can have this...right now. 

If you're interested in Trading For A Living,  then I have one question for you...

Are You A "Doer"...or Just a "Talker?"

(or...Why you Might Want To Join JT Lab)

Let's face it: So called Trading experts are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who "walk the talk" from the ones who merely...


That's the problem!

You see, we don't just teach traders, we actually TRADE...and we're pretty darn good at it.

We aren't marketers. We aren't market analysts. We're Traders.


...we know how hard it is to find truly skilled traders who know what they're talking about.

And that's why we created the "JT Lab".

We built this program to train individuals the ins and outs of trading. Stuff that actually works. Everything you need and nothing you don't.

It's all available to you YOU right now... 

What You'll Receive As A Member

Execution Plans

Step-by-Step "Execution Plans". They're all meat and no fluff. If you want a back story and theory, go read a blog post. Execution Plans are all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible. You will learn my personal trading strategies, methods, market psychology, and much more.

Trading Strategies

I hold nothing back when teaching you my personal trading strategies. When you become a member you will learn the JT 50 Strategy and JT IP Strategy. I give you the exact securities that I trade, risk management, entry and stop loss rules...everything you need if you wanted to mimic my trading style.

JT Engage Access

You will receive access to our Private Mastermind Group, "JT Engage". Just like a traditional mastermind group, JT Engage is all about sharing what's working, and...Getting help with what isn't. It's your chance to connect with not only me but other traders in the community.

A Proven System

I've helped other traders just like yourself become successful traders while training at the second largest equity trading firm in the country. My training has been tailored over the years for all styles of traders including day traders, swing traders, new traders, and veteran traders.

The training interface makes it easy for you to consume the content and track your progress. Enroll Today >>

You will have complete support along the way as a member of JT Engage. Enroll Today >>

Become A Successful Day Trader Today!



This isn’t theory… this stuff actually works!

$783,159.84 in my first two years of trading. (2003-2005)

$10,000 into $119,762.12 - Recent Forex Account


What You'll Get:

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

- The JT Lab Training Course
- 4 Core Modules
- 2 Trading Strategies
- Chart Templates (Sierra & ThinkorSwim)
- All Future Execution Plans

***Plus, you will receive access to our Trading Mastermind Group, "JT Engage"

Membership Details:

Tuition: $197 (NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL!!)
Level: New-Advanced  
Setting: Online/Virtual
Expected Completion Time: 2-3 Days

How It Works


    The execution plans should take you 1-3 days to complete. Includes 4 modules in total.


    Get any question answered in our mastermind group at JT Engage and begin trading on simulation.


    After proving yourself trading on sim it’s time to begin live trading. Continue to come back to JT for support and new ideas.


JUST $597  $197


- The JT Lab Training Course
- 4 Core Execution Plans
- 2 Trading Strategies
- Chart Templates (Sierra & ThinkorSwim)
- All Future Execution Plans

BONUS*** You will receive access to our Trading Mastermind Group, "JT Engage"


Who Should Join JT Lab?

Brand new Traders
Veteran Traders
Swing Traders, Day Traders, & Scalpers
People tired of their current job and lifestyle
Those interested in investing in their future
....anyone who wants to become a successful trader.

Do You Not Like Making Money?

Don't delay! Prices will be going back up! Take advantage of our New Year's Special! 

You’ll save countless time, money and headaches by finally learning how to trade from a professional.

The choice is yours. If you want to get started, click the "Enroll Now" button below and finally have the proven plan on your side…

…you can stop losing money, learn how to trade successfully, and finally build the financial freedom you want...

… simply click the "Enroll Now" button right now.

Become A Successful Day Trader Today!


About Your Mentor

I began trading in 2003 for GPC in Chicago, which at the time was the second largest Equity Prop Firm in the country. I traded at GPC until 2008 at which time I went off to trade for myself.

I have a 14+ year track record of success. I LOVE my job and what I do. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, virtually anything outdoors... traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.

I hold nothing back in this training. JT is my way of sharing everything that I’ve learned throughout the years, just as other successful traders did for me.

I hope that you will take this knowledge and not only apply it to become a successful at trading, but in all aspects of your life.

I created JT to serve as a guide, and its purpose is to do just that – guide you. It is not a black box system or get rich quick scheme. The goal is to provide you with a framework for becoming a successful trader and help you achieve a fulfilling life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you start Jumpstart?

A: Several reasons....

1. One of the things I miss most about my days trading at GPC is the camaraderie and interaction with other traders. I was one of the firms trainers for over 3 years which I absolutely loved. Not only do I miss it, but having a strong group of like minded traders will only propel all of our success.

2. Digital marketing has become my second passion in life over the past couple of years behind trading. Like most traders, I have a huge interest in human psychology which is probably a fact as to why I have falling in with love marketing. When I started looking at what kind of business I could start online, I saw the void for legitimate traders teaching people how to trade....well here I am!

3. To make money. Do I think this site will ever eclipse my trading or real estate earnings? Probably not. However, similar to an attorney or a doctor, traders don't make money when they aren't working. It would be nice to make a few bucks when I'm traveling or taking time off.

Did I mention I really like doing this stuff? 🙂

Q: How long will it take to get access?

A: Immediate, your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide in the checkout.

Q: How long does it take to finish the Execution Plans?

A: Most can be completed in just a few hours, depending on your experience level. The good news is you will have support every step of the way.

Q: How difficult is the material?

A: The power of the execution plans is they're built on the KISS Principle..."Keep it simple, stupid." Even if you're new to trading you have nothing to worry about. We give you everything you need to get started trading on the right path. We don't make things over complicated or bombard you with unnecessary material.

Q: How will this training help me?

A: It depends on who you are...

If you're a brand new trader, the training is a great and everything you will need. It's a great way to learn trading on your own with the support of a mentor and our community. You will have everything you need to get started trading.

If you're a veteran trader you will find parts of the course as a great refresher while seeing the markets through the eyes of another successful trader. As you already know, great traders are constantly looking to hone and improve their game. That's exactly what we offer. 

Everyone, no matter what your trading level, will find value in our trading strategies. They just simply work.

Become A Successful Day Trader Today!


Jumpstart Trading Is Different

Yes, you can find other training, but Jumpstart Trading is unique because it's built and taught by people who actually trade for a living.

In other words, we aren't marketers or "analysts." We're in-the-trench doers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You've found your home.


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